I. \\ˈgrānə(r)\ noun (-s)
Etymology: grain (II) + -er
1. : a worker that grains: as
a. : an operator of a machine for graining lithographic printing plates
(1) : a worker who uses a graining comb, roller, sponge, or brush to decorate a metal or wooden surface with a simulated wood grain
(2) : an operator of a machine for printing lines upon furniture parts to simulate the grain of wood
c. : a worker who softens and grains hides and skins by rubbing grain sides together with a graining board or by operating a graining machine — called also boarder, dicer
d. : a worker who melts TNT and drains it into graining kettles where it is crystallized by agitation and cooling
2. : a machine or device used in graining: as
a. : a machine that impresses a grain on boards
b. : a brush or tool used in graining wood or metal
c. : an instrument for graining skins
d. : an evaporating vat in which salt grains from brine
II. noun (-s)
Etymology: grain (IV) + -er
: one that uses a grains

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